Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stop The Hate and Be Civilized and Mature

This is going to be some randomness... I came across a hateful comment on facebook and just needed to vent...
If you are a grown woman who you claimed to be, why dislike my seed because of yours isn't taken care of?
Why spread hate and negativity? Is it necessary?

You need to be individuals growing everyday in every way in any relationship for your sake, his sake (which you claim you don't want and need which I honestly do believe but on the other hand why not make his life miserable if your unhappy), and children's sake.

In today's world, it takes 2 smart, independent people to communicate and survive life with each other for the kids' sake.
It is not fair and can be a heavy burden for either partner when the other depends on him/her substantially but don't throw rocks and be bitter about it at the same time.

Funny how a person would try every strength in them to brainwash their child just to side with him/her SMH

As Oprah has said, "When you know better, you do better."

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