Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is your beauty routine for Sundays?

Hair Mask (e.g. olive oil and honey)
Shaving perhaps? but let's hope it's not that serious LOL
I prefer waxing my own legs, facial hair and most def getting a Brazilian wax on my kitty
I prefer to use a tweezer to pluck my eyebrows, under arms and sometimes my upper lip area (mustache)

Exfoliate face and body (*credits dawnali and beautylish )
I'm always surfing on the net looking for face mask recipes 

pedi and mani

Starbucks Flow and beauty, fashion and music magazines always a must-read on every Sundays. More like my everyday ritual :)

Drink plenty of Green Tea as well eating green tea ice cream nom nom nom
and drink water also

Make Up Guru JLovesMac1 always keep me entertained via Youtube I heart her personality and silliness 

and best part of being a Cancer is we love to take out cat naps and get out beauty rest *yawns*
(all images via weheartit)

What is your beauty routine for Sundays?


Misseblog said...

First thing I do is reading blogs with a cup of coffee, then my hair, nails and face masks and I usually spend the day relaxing or watching movies :) Love Sundays xx

HeyMa said...

snap, I forgot to add and mention coffee lol Sundays are Best!

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