Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: Clairol Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam Hair Color

Hi Dolls! This is just my intake of the Clariol Nice N Easy Color Blend Foam and I picked the shade in Light Ash Brown 6A.
The pros about this product is it's easy to apply-hair color formula that begins as a liquid and mix it with 3 shakes to build a foam. Then you would squeeze the foam  (from the bottle) into your hand and apply it to your hesd using your fingertips (of course wearing plastic gloves). Well that's a quick 1-2-3 step.

Now the downfall, I' m not a big fan of Clairol hair dye products but this item was given to me for free and I needed a change and new color in my life before I hit the big 31 (last month). What I don't understand is why people rave so much about this product. It's okay and I do like the results of the shade I picked out for myself but during the process of applying it to my hair I couldn't stand the awful smell to it. It didn't have that chemical and toxic smell but more of a malt liquor, homeless drunk smell. I'm not exaggerating or cray cray because I'm one of those people who can smell anything from distance and within instance.So there I am dying my hair and my sisters and daughter saying I smell like "beverage" it's a word I taught my daughter to say to substitute any alcohol. I'm one of those people who can't stand the smell of sloppy drunks and it irks me that my hair smell like it.

I refuse to even waste my money on this and wouldn't suggest any of my friends to use it unless they're drunk themselves lol
FTC Disclaimer:
It seems redundant to put a disclaimer on this post but I did receive this item as a gift from a friend All my reviews contain my own personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences with the said products and are not influenced by the sponsor, brand, or company.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is your beauty routine for Sundays?

Hair Mask (e.g. olive oil and honey)
Shaving perhaps? but let's hope it's not that serious LOL
I prefer waxing my own legs, facial hair and most def getting a Brazilian wax on my kitty
I prefer to use a tweezer to pluck my eyebrows, under arms and sometimes my upper lip area (mustache)

Exfoliate face and body (*credits dawnali and beautylish )
I'm always surfing on the net looking for face mask recipes 

pedi and mani

Starbucks Flow and beauty, fashion and music magazines always a must-read on every Sundays. More like my everyday ritual :)

Drink plenty of Green Tea as well eating green tea ice cream nom nom nom
and drink water also

Make Up Guru JLovesMac1 always keep me entertained via Youtube I heart her personality and silliness 

and best part of being a Cancer is we love to take out cat naps and get out beauty rest *yawns*
(all images via weheartit)

What is your beauty routine for Sundays?

Review: e.l.f. Essential Beauty School 32-Piece Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 1

Hi dolls! Well I picked up the e.l.f. Essential Beauty School 32-Piece Eyeshadow Palette Vol.1 in Natural at Target a couple of weeks ago. It's under their Beauty School line LE for $5.00usd and I'm super stoked because that's the way to win my heart because if you ever order anything from their website, it takes weeks to ship out. But I'm only speaking from my experience so ch-!!! 

Okay back to the palette... (blogging in the middle of the night-scattered brain)

 I love the color selection it's a wide range of "natural" shades from mattes, shimmers, glittery finishes and what not

I do recommend to use a creamy base (image above no base or primer) to get the colors to stick and also for long lasting shadow, apply their e.l.f. primer.


  • The colors are pigmented. 
  • Versatile.
  • Long lasting with E.L.F. primer (I have oily lids *sad face). 
  • Very affordable $5.00
  • The eye shadows are powdery.
  • The packaging is made of thin plastic so it's not sturdy at all.

Did you guys pick up any e.l.f. Beauty School Line products when it was available at your local Target and Walgreen Stores?

FTC Disclaimer:
None of the item mentioned were given to me for free. All opinions are my own.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls, Please Stick To The Rivers

 Do you like the title? lol It's a verse from TLC "Waterfalls" song... I'd thought I share some pictures of me and my family at Multnomah Falls. It's a 30 minute drive from Portland and one of Oregon's must-see attraction!
About Multnomah Falls:
According to Native American lore, Multnomah Falls was created to win the heart of a young princess who wanted a hidden place to bathe. Although you can see the top portion of the falls from the highway, to view both tiers you have to walk to the viewing area located in a carved-out opening in the rock face. Tilting your head up in the narrow rocky confines of the steep cliffs, you get a mind-boggling perspective on the sheer magnitude of the falls. (via Oregon.com)

 My baby sis "Dollface"

 Yes! I reached the bridge!
Oregonians love our green and clean air.

My sisters, daughter and Mia

It was a pleasant walk but I was breaking a sweat because I had my little precious in my baby carrier and she is growing so fast. She slept through the short "hike" while her older sister enjoyed it and wanted to hike all the way to the very top. But I didn't allow her to hike to the top of the mountain because after the bridge, there are no railings, ropes and etc to hold on to and it can be very dangerous.

I hope you enjoy the pictures my love!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Today I'm Thankful



(images from weheartit.com/)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

Hi Dolls!
So it's another review! I thought this would be my Holy Grail Top coat but it's another disappointment. 
I first applied Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in 370 "No Hard Feelings" (one coat) and waited for two minutes, afterwards apply one coat of  the Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat(according to the directions).
It claims 30 seconds to set and your manicures staying beautiful up to 10 days. 
Well first of all, it did dry within 30 seconds but the downfall, it chipped later while I was doing some cleaning! or maybe because I'm so heavy handed... not sure but I remove the nail polish because I feel there was no point in keeping my mani up to 10 days.

But what I do like about this product is it has that high gloss superior shine and double UV filters.

Have you try this product? What's your favorite or HG insta-dri or anti-chip top coat??? Please share!

Update: Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum

Hi Beauties!
This is an update of Physician's Formula Eye-Booster 2-in-1 Lash boosting eyeliner and serum.

I only have an image of my eyelashes of week one because I really don't like taking close-up pictures of my eyes. I know I'm a poor sport but I'm being honest. Plus the pictures didn't turn out nice, shrug.
Like I said, I have it in Ultra Black and I'm so in love with the felt-tip "brush" type applicator because it really does allow me to control over the thickness of my line. So I notice the length of my lashes and was so impressed because like I mention earlier, my lashes grew in one week. However, it's still thin BUT it's no longer SHORT! The result: HAPPY

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My July Favorites

€here is a collection of products i am loving for this month. let's start off with skincare: my yes to carrots exfoliating and soothing mud mask for my oily skin and suki exfoliate foaming cleanser i use both of these products twice a week and so in love with. i like the way my face feels, so soft and lovely.  olay toner really gets the job done! i like to apply this on my face and all around my neck and behind my ears. as you can see, i already used up half of the bottle of garnier "the brusher" i absoutely love it so much! hands down for this cleanser! i wouldn't really consider the garnier ultra-lift anti-wrinkle eye roller as my favorite but thats the first thing i pick up if i didnt get enough sleep.

so portland was finally getting into the summer and hot weather and i try not to wear any foundation and just it bare-naked but there are times i do need the coverage so i'll mixed my foundation with my moisturizer and besides using my sigma f-80 kabuki brush, i also been using my e.l.f. powder brush and it works the same as my sigma. for my concealer its cover girl €€and olay simply ageless in 220 and i apply bare minerals veil to set my concealer. and lastly, its my clinique blushwear cream stick in glow blush.

so what's your july favorites? please comment and share!
ps i'd found a way to add a 'respond' button to my comments so i'm stoked about that! hopefully tomorrow but for now good night my loves xxo
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