Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: Wet n Wild in 'How I Met Your Magneta' Fastdry Nail Color

hi beauties!
so this review will be about the wet n wild in 'how i met your magneta' fast dry nail polish. first of all i picked this shade because it was too pretty in pink and looks like a light shade of fusia. it claims fast dry nail color will only need one coat and that it will dry in 60 seconds. so i did a little test drive and yes, its accurate within 60 seconds on one coat. the downfall of this product, its not opaque enough. it has a dull satin finish so i applied two coats to give its brighter color. now with an addition of two coats, it took 2-5 minutes longer to dry so eh.
overall i would rate this product a c 
(natural light) with one coat
(under flash) with two coats

pros: its affordable for $1.99 (0.46 fl oz) and you can buy this at your local drugstore.
cons: not opaque and very runny

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