Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is it too early for a Bucket list?

Hi dolls!
So ever since my birthday I been doing a lot of thinking about life... In "my early 30's" may seem too early to think of a Bucket List but I'd rather start some of them now and be happy to live with no regrets. I'm pretty sure that we all have goals that we'd like to accomplish and have something that simply fulfills a desire. Now, I have a bucket list as what I think of day by day, nothing big or major so its always an open book of changes. Mainly they're things that I say that I'd like to do with no real specific time frame...

-Learn French (my Country -Cambodia was colonized by the French and the language is our second or third language) and also because my daughters are part creole. I want to learn and teach them ☺

-Earn a degree. I don't care if its an Associate degree as long it's a piece of paper that typed by a Robo "DEGREE". I've earned a diploma in Airline Travel Specialist and also Medical Office Specialist but they are all short-term programs at a Trade School and Community College.

-And speaking of degree, I need to complete my school program of Ophthalmic Medical Technology

-I would love to travel to my homeland... Well I guess you can't say homeland, I wasn't born there. Meaning visit my country where my Parents are from and my ancestors. I would love to see Hong Kong, Chiang Rai and Bangkok, Thailand, Europe, Middle Eastern and also Africa (not sure of North Africa or South) and all the Islands and South America.

-Meet Trey Songz, Lyfe Jennings, Monica and Rihanna

(to be continued)

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