Friday, June 24, 2011

Cannot Possibly Be Yours

Yes, this is my rant so beware virgin ears!
I hear this all the time: If someone is adamant that the child (ren) I am with "cannot possibly be yours," you bet I'm defending myself with a smart remark and yes full attitude!( Snap snap snap!!!) In public or at home, I could care less. I think people don't think before they open their mouths and look like fools.
Now this what gets under my skin, when strangers and especially MY friends start saying, "Your daughters doesn't look like you,". So you're telling me she doesn't have my eyes and my color skin?! Please GTFOH with all that fcukery!
I know my beautiful girls look so much like their daddy but guess what, they have the Cambodians With Attitudes and sassiness so for them they act like me! But you just have to look pass by their looks. But I do think people (mainly females) enjoy to constantly point out the fact my kids looked just like their dad as if my egg didn't take part of his sperm. Truth be told, my kids do resembled me.
They can redundantly try (but failed) to drill into my head that my children had their daddy's eyes, nose, smile, lips, cheeks, eyelashes, etc... But In my opinion, if they can't overlook the features and admit both girls have a couple of my features, I consider that hating and bottom line, just to hurt my feelings.
Now why do they say such nonsense???
Maybe because they are determined to let me know that I didn't look like my children's mother were related to my husband, (sarcasm) I just assumed that they wanted to deny my involvement in the whole deal, or yet, they wish they were the one who carried the seed for nine full months! (My friends don't hv the best interest more like lack of maturity) Yet even today I think it's mean-hearted to say to a mother, "WoW your child doesn't look like you at all!" (Yeah kiss my bird!) People (general speaking) are so attuned to see what they want, when and how they want to see it. While talking about it is kind of rude most folks cannot help themselves when it comes to mothers and babies.(Especially th single folks, meaning they're not even a parent themselves but ill rant on my experience with that on another blog post lol)
Common Sense: If young children can figure out that it isn't necessary to ALWAYS point out the obvious, why can't other adults? So I guess its okay to tell a fat person and tell them that they are fat (in their FACE) and don't have the heart to care?!!! My point exactly.
So ignore and carry on! (Brushing my shoulders off)

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