Sunday, June 26, 2011

12 Laws of Success - Russell Simmons The Laws

Something I wanted. to share my lovebugz ♥

1. Always Do You. Be true to yourself and your vision of success - the "Do You" of the title.
2. Have a vision and stick with it. Once you have a vision of success, follow it despite all obstacles.
3. Get your mind right. Approach every challenge with the right, confident attitude.
4. Stop frontin' and start today. Anyone can talk big - it's the things you actually do that define you.
5. Never give less then your best. Give you best at all times, for all tasks.
6. Surround yourself with the right people. Find people with the same or similar goals, listen to them, and rely on them for support.
7. There are no failures, only quitters. The only real failure is quitting.
8. Science of success. Plant the good seeds. Do the hard groundwork.
9. You can never get before you give. Contribute to a process and help it grow.
10. Successful people should be open to change.
11. Be powerful, be heard. Make sure your opinion gets across.
12. Spit truth to power. Be painfully honest with people to people in positions of power over you.
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