Sunday, May 22, 2011

What's In My Bag?

My "What's In My Bag" items are probably the most dullest things that you will not find appealing LOL :)

But these are the items that are currently in my bag so don't judge me Dolls.

 Let's start off with my purple animal print wallet that contains my cards, cash, loose change, business cards and etc. As you can see it's pretty bulky and needs to de-clutter and organized. Next to it is my favorite lotion from Bath & Beyond Works and the scent is Cherry Blossom, travel size of course. Kleenex, always.
Jolly Ranchers because I have such a sweet tooth and surprisingly I have no cavities. I always have some kind of towelette in my bag and my hand sanitizer is in my diaper bag (must). Every beautiful girl carries a make-up bag and mine is pink from Target (my favorite store)! and speaking of Target yes I do carry coupons and also my Target Beauty coupons because I shop their very often and I'm quite surprised I'm not mayor their yet via Foursquare (shrug).
 This may sound odd but I do carry my deposit bank bag because it helps remind me to put cash in there for my daughter because every Wednesday morning at her school, bankers are there for their students to deposit into their savings which we have a joint account and I'm teaching my daughter early about saving. :)
 And yes, I do carry a usb drive thingy with me, don't ask I just do. It's just a habit I'd pick up when I was attending community college. You can never go wrong with a Flip Video especially I have a 5 year old and 1 month old that I'd like to capture moments. I'm so old school and traditional that I do carry a monthly schedule/event planner which I take lots of notes and it also contains Formula Coupons. My Barnes & Noble card, Regal Crown member card and Starbucks gift card, American Red Cross CPR/AED card and two movie tickets wasn't in my purple wallet ( a little scattered brain lately). I'm constantly washing my hands like crazy so my hands tend to get really dry so the Wei East hand lotion I carry this with me at all times. Trident gum, my earpiece and my BlackBerry which I'm so obsessed with.

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