Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Hi Dolls!
So now that my little princess is 5 weeks :) and a few days old, I'm having trouble sleeping *sigh* I honestly think I'm not comfortable sleeping in my room because it needs a major upgrade. There are nights I'm counting sheeps, day dreaming, thinking of happy thoughts of "what IF'S" and "what I do if I win the lottery" get the idea right?! And I'm still tossing and turning so I end up watching movies on netflix, tweeting away (confession to pillow talk), watching youtube videos, reading, and of course baby girl need her feedings.

So I decided to surf the net and look through some 'bedroom' images to have an idea of what my next project will be and some planning and investing. I'm pretty stoked because the images I'd found are so pretty and decided to do a black and white old glamour theme with a splash of color.
What do you think?

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