Thursday, April 7, 2011

Slowly But Surely

My Do's & Don'ts for the Final Weeks
Seriously I'm tired of being pregnant and so eager to see my bundle of JOY! These last few weeks has been so crucial for me. 
I'm now full-term and will complete my 37 weeks (I'm going by C-section schedule) so I wrote down some things for the remaining weeks as a few precautions:

No tub baths because seriously, it's hard to get in and out so I stick with 3 showers daily. 
I try to stretch my legs, arms and walking slowly because the other day I ran and may sprang my inner thighs or something but my pelvic is sore because I'm always on the Go (bones is also fragile).
Driving is so uncomfortable and really dislike asking others to be my chaueffer ( I think I spell that wrong lol) and wearing a seat belt is a pain! I suggest to wear the lap belt low and under your stomach and tight on your hips.
I packed up my hospital bag and diaper bag the other night and it took me 2hours! I never knew it would be such time consuming.
They say its cheaper and healthier to breastfeed but in my case I didn't breastfeed my first because I was in pain and drugged up with meds. Well breastfeeding requires more work on any part than bottle feeding, but I'll stick with bottle feeding.

 On the side note, I really need a prenatal massage but I'm not comfortable for a stranger to massage my belly regardless if they are skilled or not. I hope after delivering the baby, my lower back pains will go away.
Usually the end of the 9month, some of us preggers get swollen, rounded and sad to say- unattractive. I have been giving myself a home facial and buying new makeup. Hey I have to keep myself looking good :)
Gees I hope all this make sense because it's one of those sleepless nights=dark circles.

Note to New Parents:
Be patient. It took 9 months to become a family, so allow at least that long to adjust to your new role as a parent. God Bless

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