Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Daughter's First Musical Performance

Hi Dolls! So last week, my daughter and her class performed there first musical play and it was soooo adorable. My daughter is 5 years old, Kindergarten, she's mixed with Khmer, Creole, Black and quarter Indian and full of character. I'm a proud Parent and Mommy! :) I'd thought I share some kodak moments with you lovebirds.
 It was a Farmer theme by the way... me being a Mommy ;)
 Family Picture and expecting our second in less than 2 months.
 My twin sister and I
 One of my younger sisters
My baby sis is MIA because she is ill.
I wasn't able to post any images during the play because it was so dark in the auditorium and some of the images turned out to be very bright because every other mama and papa was taking pictures=Flashy!

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