Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CCS Foot Care Cream

I need this product to manage and help prevent cracked heels and dry, rough skin. But why is that for a 175ml tube it's $7.58usd (ok I'm fine with that) but what threw me off my chair is the International Packet Post= $25.42usd so the Total cost is =$31.74usd!!! via foothealthcare
Online Price: £4.46/ $7.58usd 175ml Tube
I'm sitting here staring at my computer screen for over 15minutes and debating if I should order this... ah decisions decisions decisions! 

Well it is developed in Sweden and I first heard it from one of my make-up gurus/blogger so I had to jump on the bandwagon! :)

*note: It is hypoallergenic, lanolin free and suitable for the most sensitive skin. I don't like to use pumice because it scraps my skin (I have really sensitive skin!) so with this product it will exfoliate the skin and strengthens the texture of it.

As of 12:16am PST I was able to cancel my order from foothealthcare and found another website called Westons that will cut the price in half!!! For only £5.72 (US$9.66) that's included with S+H!!! BEAUTY ON A BUDGET is my Middle NAME!!!

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