Thursday, March 10, 2011

About ME: My pregnancy...update

I'm at 33 weeks and my Doctor and I already scheduled for our planned C-Section. My estimated due date is really April 24, 2011, the day of Easter but with my first pregnancy my doctor suggest it's safer to have it as c-section.

While most women don't want a C-section, sometimes it's necessary for the safe arrival of the Baby. In instances such as breech babies, C-sections are required. But rest assured -- i need it, for both me and the Baby will recover wonderfully! That's what matter.

My little precious is no longer keeping me up at night like she use to but her kicks and body movements is some powerful kicks! The stretching of my uterus I can feel the moderate pain on my pelvic bone which she already positioned herself and the movements are a sign that her head-down; getting ready for her big birthday entrance. I also can feel them in a new place, on my ribcage (just below my breasts and it can be sharp sometimes!).

She now continues to develop regular sleep-wake cycles now. Not that calm during the day or night and know how to work and kicks up a storm especially when there is music playing (What a character!)

My amniotic fluid is now at its highest level -- and it will stay this way until baby is finally born. Hopefully this wasn't TMI lol.

(image: weheartit)

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