Monday, February 28, 2011

NOTD: Shellac French Manicure

I finally got my nails as Shellac French Mani. Yes with no acrylic or artificial, what you are seeing is my real nails. I'd only pay $28.00usd now that's a STEAL!!! 

The difference in Shellac Nails verses a regular manicure is Shellac is a 14 day chip-free manicure that stays shiny and fresh. Only thin layers of gel are applied to the nails and cured under an ultraviolet light to create a highly durable, and glossy finish. A Shellac manicure consists of a UV base coat, two coats of color, and a UV top coat. (Hands are placed inside of a UV lamp drier in between each coat).
Say Hello to Shellac - CND

If you are interested in getting your nails done as Shellac please call ONYX Salon and schedule your appointment:
Onyx Salon
820 NW Hoyt St.
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 224-2926


Sunday11 AM — 6 PM
Monday10 AM — 6 PM
Tuesday10 AM — 6 PM
Wednesday10 AM — 6 PM
Thursday10 AM — 6 PM
Friday10 AM — 6 PM
Saturday10 AM — 6 PM

Onyx Manicure & Pedicure Process

  1. Soak nails in hot water
  2. Trim nails
  3. File & shape nails
  4. Repair cuticles
  5. Sea salt exfoliation treatment
    (not included with regular pedicure)
  6. Moisturizing treatment and massage
  7. O·P·I lacquer applicationONYX Salon

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