Monday, February 28, 2011

My Checklist for this week:

1. Mood: blue... the rain is depressing :(
2. Outfit: it depends on the weather... Portland rains a lot and we are expecting snow mixed rain for this week which I'm not looking forward to... sad camper.
3. Your favorite sweet treat? I wouldn't call it sweet but I'm addicted to peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread.
4. What always cheers you up? My daughter because she is the center of my universe POWW! 
5. Your favorite type of weather? I'm missing the sun right about now
6. Did you enjoy College? Yessss
7. A pet peeve? Too many to name, trust me I have a list
8. Something about yourself that surprises people: Right now, I'm pretty much have about 7 weeks left until my bundle of joy will join us and I'm only 124 lbs. I'm really petite and 5'0 so with this second pregnancy and weather here in Portland, I don't have to deal with the humid weather like I did in Show ME State aka Misery Missouri and not carrying enough fluid. Sorry that was TMI lol
9. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Contour my cheekbones, neck and especially my nose.
10. Weekly goals: According to my event/daily planner: Bank, Haircut this afternoon! complete my daily challenge, Get some rest and sleep because I only have 7 more weeks to GO! confirm my baby shower list.

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