Monday, February 21, 2011

My Checklist for this week:

1. Mood: love......
2. Outfit: it depends on the weather... Portland rains a lot, there are times it's windy then the next day Mother Nature surprise us with Sunshine for a day.
3. Your favorite sweet treat? Right about now I can't get enough of Peppermint Starlight Mints. I'm going through 1lb bag eek I know it's bad.
4. What always cheers you up? My daughter, she brings me Joy and Peacefulness 
5. Your favorite type of weather? Sunny that is warm and some wind
6. Did you enjoy College? Yessss
7. A pet peeve? Too many to name, trust me I have a list
8. Something about yourself that surprises people: I sometimes can be SO loud around my family. They're my comfort zone but also keep me grounded.
9. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Only black mascara and black eyeliner, no lipsticks just lipgloss, and I'm too afraid of blush so I just contour my cheekbones and nose.
10. Weekly goals: According to my event/daily planner: Bank, Attend my daughter's school play, Dinner with my lovely sisters, complete my daily challenge, Get some rest and sleep because I only have 9 more weeks to GO! Shopping, nails, haircut and confirm my baby shower list.

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