Sunday, February 13, 2011

About ME: 30 Day Challenge

Day 07 - Your Zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.
I'm a Cancer The Crab:
If I'm not mistaken it falls on 22nd June to 23rd July

My Symbol: The Crab
Ruling Planet: Moon
Quality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Basic Trait: I Feel (Yessssss Compassion and intuition) 
Closest Metal: Silver
Lucky Day: Monday (For me I dislike Mondays LOL)
Lucky Colors: Green, Silver-Grey, Cream and White (I'm just now embracing the color white)
Lucky Gems: Opal, Pearl, Moonstone (I disagree with all of the gems)
Lucky Flowers: Daisies, Wallflowers (For me, I love Thai Orchids)

So the Cancer zodiac sign has the symbol of 'The Crab' which I also have tattoo on my right ankle of the Crab and also 69 behind my left ear. One of the basic characteristics of a Cancerian is that we are very prone to mood swings lol which I can't deny it. Another mood for Cancers is a snappy one, or you can say a "crabby one." I'm one of those Cancerian who is very private and will never run behind fame and publicity (limelight). My thoughts and secrets are strictly off limits for everyone and will never discuss my personal life with anyone. I have stage fright and hate being the center of attention. I may be shy but I can also be the coldest person on this earth. I'm a dreamer and love to dream so sky's the limit. Now don't let my shyness, compassion and soft heart get to you, because if you hurt me in any way (I'm sensitive) I will either cry my heart out or retreat into a silent spell (yes I believe in Black Magic and Military SILENT) so once you hurt me, I will hide under my Hard Shell and put my Guard Up but watch out, I will Snap with my claws. You've been warned. :) 
Each and every experience that affects me, I engraved in my memory. I remember everything life has taught me as a Lesson Learned and fixed my mistakes. I tired not to dwell on the past because that's what most Cancerians do is hold grudges and not letting it go... 

 On another note, I'm a homebody and love spending quality time with family. I'm all about more security, more love and more care. I am a simple person to please. As long there is happiness, optimism and laughter in my everyday life, I have no complaints.

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