Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Prevent/Treat Dark Circles and wrinkles!!!

Rite-Aid was having a big sale on Garnier Products for only $9.99usd and if you have a UP Rewards Card, more power to you! I had to buy this because I have wrinkles under my right eye and not my left eye... that's what I get for sleeping on my right side for 25years. So hopefully by purchasing this I will see some good and happy results.

Here is YT video that one of my Make-Up Guru's explain and how to prevent  and treat dark circles and wrinkles. Enjoy dolls!

NOTD: Shellac French Manicure

I finally got my nails as Shellac French Mani. Yes with no acrylic or artificial, what you are seeing is my real nails. I'd only pay $28.00usd now that's a STEAL!!! 

The difference in Shellac Nails verses a regular manicure is Shellac is a 14 day chip-free manicure that stays shiny and fresh. Only thin layers of gel are applied to the nails and cured under an ultraviolet light to create a highly durable, and glossy finish. A Shellac manicure consists of a UV base coat, two coats of color, and a UV top coat. (Hands are placed inside of a UV lamp drier in between each coat).
Say Hello to Shellac - CND

If you are interested in getting your nails done as Shellac please call ONYX Salon and schedule your appointment:
Onyx Salon
820 NW Hoyt St.
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 224-2926


Sunday11 AM — 6 PM
Monday10 AM — 6 PM
Tuesday10 AM — 6 PM
Wednesday10 AM — 6 PM
Thursday10 AM — 6 PM
Friday10 AM — 6 PM
Saturday10 AM — 6 PM

Onyx Manicure & Pedicure Process

  1. Soak nails in hot water
  2. Trim nails
  3. File & shape nails
  4. Repair cuticles
  5. Sea salt exfoliation treatment
    (not included with regular pedicure)
  6. Moisturizing treatment and massage
  7. O·P·I lacquer applicationONYX Salon

My Checklist for this week:

1. Mood: blue... the rain is depressing :(
2. Outfit: it depends on the weather... Portland rains a lot and we are expecting snow mixed rain for this week which I'm not looking forward to... sad camper.
3. Your favorite sweet treat? I wouldn't call it sweet but I'm addicted to peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread.
4. What always cheers you up? My daughter because she is the center of my universe POWW! 
5. Your favorite type of weather? I'm missing the sun right about now
6. Did you enjoy College? Yessss
7. A pet peeve? Too many to name, trust me I have a list
8. Something about yourself that surprises people: Right now, I'm pretty much have about 7 weeks left until my bundle of joy will join us and I'm only 124 lbs. I'm really petite and 5'0 so with this second pregnancy and weather here in Portland, I don't have to deal with the humid weather like I did in Show ME State aka Misery Missouri and not carrying enough fluid. Sorry that was TMI lol
9. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Contour my cheekbones, neck and especially my nose.
10. Weekly goals: According to my event/daily planner: Bank, Haircut this afternoon! complete my daily challenge, Get some rest and sleep because I only have 7 more weeks to GO! confirm my baby shower list.


I love my two mascaras!!! 



I use the Volum' Express colossal waterproof mascara to add volume and it contains COLLAGEN so my eyelash will grow faster and I already do see results. The Volum' Express Falsies is my best friend. I recommend every girl out there to get one. It picks up every lash and corner-to-corner with no gaps. Lovesssss it!

Revlon Lipstick Swatches

I was at Target last week and couldn't resist there was a sale on Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick so I went and picked up two shades: 035 Blush and 001 Lilac. I love love love the packaging

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Music Video: Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi

My Checklist for this week:

1. Mood: love......
2. Outfit: it depends on the weather... Portland rains a lot, there are times it's windy then the next day Mother Nature surprise us with Sunshine for a day.
3. Your favorite sweet treat? Right about now I can't get enough of Peppermint Starlight Mints. I'm going through 1lb bag eek I know it's bad.
4. What always cheers you up? My daughter, she brings me Joy and Peacefulness 
5. Your favorite type of weather? Sunny that is warm and some wind
6. Did you enjoy College? Yessss
7. A pet peeve? Too many to name, trust me I have a list
8. Something about yourself that surprises people: I sometimes can be SO loud around my family. They're my comfort zone but also keep me grounded.
9. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Only black mascara and black eyeliner, no lipsticks just lipgloss, and I'm too afraid of blush so I just contour my cheekbones and nose.
10. Weekly goals: According to my event/daily planner: Bank, Attend my daughter's school play, Dinner with my lovely sisters, complete my daily challenge, Get some rest and sleep because I only have 9 more weeks to GO! Shopping, nails, haircut and confirm my baby shower list.

Inspiration Post


Beauty on a Bargain! You got it. NYX Cosmetics have a Naked Palette Dupe similar to Urban Decay Naked Palette and it's only for $25.00usd WoW I'm speechless!

Rihanna feat. Drake & Kanye West - 2011 All-Star Game Halftime Performance

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tired of Bad Hair Days

I'm on a mission to find some hair products to help with my dry scalp and condition my hair. Usually for this month, we still experienced the cold "winter" season until March arrives. I refuse to use head and shoulders! I don't know why but I'm too ashame to even touch the bottle. I did some research and came upon LUSH Cosmetics. It appears their TOP 5 Hair Products caught my eye and I'm looking into investing these bad boys.
R&B Hair Moisturizer $18.95
  • Ideal for dry hair
  • Treat to moisturize and control frizzy, soothe dry scalps with calming oat milk (tropical butters and candelilla wax)
  • Smells like Orange Blossom
Big Shampoo $22.95
I need Volume in my hair so I like the Pros of this product.
  • It will soften hair and citrus juices is for shine
  • Full of vitamins, salt is full of minerals and trace elements

China Glaze Introduce Crackle Collection

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Music Video: Britney Spears "Hold It Against Me"

Derrick Rose MVP


I'm wondering if these Bedellium Tools Green Bambu brushes are any good. All I know is that they are eco-friendly brushes with sustainable bamboo handles and soft synthetic bristles.

  • less or no hair shedding
  • easy to clean
  • light application
  • hypoallergenic
  • 100% cruelty-free

About ME: 30 Day Challenge (late)

Day 08 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.
I would say the most accomplishment is having my daughter and the day through the miracle of birth; it was the greatest moment she took my breath away. She changes everything and the outlook of life. She's my main priority and center of my universe. I wouldn't change anything and I'm proud to say I love being a MOM and it's the greatest feeling of unconditionally love without questions. It's true they say your world will be the beginning of no ends and worrying about another life. I thank God and his blessing everyday, Amen+

Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush - F80

I received my Sigma Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Brush - F80 yesterday in the mail and totally stoked! I can't wait to apply it on my liquid foundation, they're so soft!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Music From Lady Gaga

What you think of Lady Gaga's New song??? A carbon-copy of Madonna?

About ME: 30 Day Challenge

Day 07 - Your Zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.
I'm a Cancer The Crab:
If I'm not mistaken it falls on 22nd June to 23rd July

My Symbol: The Crab
Ruling Planet: Moon
Quality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Basic Trait: I Feel (Yessssss Compassion and intuition) 
Closest Metal: Silver
Lucky Day: Monday (For me I dislike Mondays LOL)
Lucky Colors: Green, Silver-Grey, Cream and White (I'm just now embracing the color white)
Lucky Gems: Opal, Pearl, Moonstone (I disagree with all of the gems)
Lucky Flowers: Daisies, Wallflowers (For me, I love Thai Orchids)

So the Cancer zodiac sign has the symbol of 'The Crab' which I also have tattoo on my right ankle of the Crab and also 69 behind my left ear. One of the basic characteristics of a Cancerian is that we are very prone to mood swings lol which I can't deny it. Another mood for Cancers is a snappy one, or you can say a "crabby one." I'm one of those Cancerian who is very private and will never run behind fame and publicity (limelight). My thoughts and secrets are strictly off limits for everyone and will never discuss my personal life with anyone. I have stage fright and hate being the center of attention. I may be shy but I can also be the coldest person on this earth. I'm a dreamer and love to dream so sky's the limit. Now don't let my shyness, compassion and soft heart get to you, because if you hurt me in any way (I'm sensitive) I will either cry my heart out or retreat into a silent spell (yes I believe in Black Magic and Military SILENT) so once you hurt me, I will hide under my Hard Shell and put my Guard Up but watch out, I will Snap with my claws. You've been warned. :) 
Each and every experience that affects me, I engraved in my memory. I remember everything life has taught me as a Lesson Learned and fixed my mistakes. I tired not to dwell on the past because that's what most Cancerians do is hold grudges and not letting it go... 

 On another note, I'm a homebody and love spending quality time with family. I'm all about more security, more love and more care. I am a simple person to please. As long there is happiness, optimism and laughter in my everyday life, I have no complaints.

Chris Brown Performs "No Bullshit" on SNL

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

About Me: 30Day Challenge

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself
01 This Is Channa
02 Year of The MONKEY: Smart, Sly, Flexible, Good Memory: 80's baby
03 Cancer Of The Crab: Summer Baby
04 I have an identical twin sister, two younger sista's and one baby brother
05 I am of Cambodian descent, American born and raised in the US

06 I have a beautiful daughter and we are expecting our second child together
07 I love reading novels and addicted to beauty magazines
08 Photo-scrapping 
09 Photography

10 I don't like to watch the local News it's too depressing
11 I'm addicted to sweets
12 My favorite espresso is White Chocolate Mocha with Whip Cream (for the moment it's decaf because of my pregnancy)
13 I love Thai Orchids and any flowers
14 I'm a dog lover but not a cat lover WOOF!

15 Love Sports
16 I like to cook and entertain family and friends
17 I'm my boyfriend stylist
18 Favorite TV SHOWS: Monk, anything on HGTV and Food Network, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Melrose Place (new), Lost, and Reality shows are: The Amazing Race.
19 My favorite websites:,,,,,,, and
20 My style icon is Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Kourtney Kardashian and Keri Hilson
21Favorite Books: The Bible and The Purpose-Driven Life
22 I'm a Thai Lakorn Drama Junkie
23 I love raisnuts and peanut M&M
24 Black Forest Cake is my weakness
25 I love love love Rocky Road Ice-Cream and strawberry fruit bars from Dreyers
26 I never had chicken pox
27 I'm afraid of heights
28 Favorite colors: Black, Purple, anything with Blue and NOW PINK!!!
29 I'm claustrophobic
30 I'm a RnB type of bish and ol skool 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I'm a little behind in my 30Day Challenge. When I wake up, it's 1:42 am pst, I'll do Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. I Promise You. But I'm afraid to say Bible lol.

Still no luck in finding Physician's Formula Happy Booster Powder & Blush at Target or Rite-Aid... I'm on a mission to find it unless I'm not looking hard enough and at the right department stores.

Well I did went to Rite-Aid yesterday and purchased some Revlon Colorstay and Revlon Photoready and also Maybelline FITME foundations. All I have to say I should have did a swatch on my jawline but I was such in a hurry to pick up my daughter from school that I have to do a return and exchange for a darker shade.

The Revlon Photoready, which I already bought two in the past year or so and didn't match my skin: Natural Beige and Cool Beige. But this time I went for a darker shade of Caramel because Rich Ginger had a tint of red and I know for sure would not match my skin tone. But I failed! lol I may have to mixed Golden Beige with Caramel because there's no other shade in between. 
For the Revlon Colorstay, I got it for my twin sister in Toast and matches perfectly! But it didn't have my shade in Golden Caramel. (Yes my twin is a shade darker than me).
And lastly for the Maybelline FITME foundations, I got them in 310 Sun Beige and also 235 Pure Beige. Well... I failed again! ugh. Rite Aid don't have samples like wal-mart so I couldn't test them. So my agenda for tomorrow is to get two bottles of 320 in Honey Beige.
For all four foundations it only cost me $30.00usd and yesssss no tax in Oregon :) for buy one get one half off at Rite Aid.
Here is a picture I took via mobile but too much lighting. (hint: I need a new phone and put that upgrade in at t-mobile)
 I love Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Packaging!
 My favorite curler for the moment ELF Eyelash Curler $1.00usd

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I never would think Portland would offer Speed Dating?!
and some Magazines I picked up while running errands for the past few days... 

I just had to share this: I'm loving my new brown boots that I picked up at Target for only $7!!! What a bargain! Well I am Beauty on a Bargain (I have another princess entering this world in 3 months so I have to really budget my expenses.)

I was at my Dr. appt Friday Morning for my Glucose Testing. These boots are soooo comfy and they are a half size bigger :/

About ME: 30 Day Challenge (late)

Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life
Seriously?!! If that was the case I would seek immediate assistance like therapy and counseling. One thing for sure I'm too much of a chicken to end my own life LOL so I answered your question. :)

Day 04 - Your views on Religion
This is such a touchy topic that I really don't like to discuss. But Yes I do have a religion and faith for our Heavenly Father above us. I don't ask people what are they're religion and why nor passed judgement.

Day 03 - Your views on drugs and alcohol
 I’m not opposed to drinking alcohol, but I do believe it's addicting and people who do drink on a daily basis abuse it. The majority of those who consume it are irresponsible in one way or the other and majority of them will be in denial. Trust me I know because I was one of them. Alcohol runs very deep in my family and culture. There were times I would drink so much I blacked out and don't recall how I got home and it's from driving. YES! It's awful. Try to imagine you getting pulled over for DUI or for manslaughter or hit and run, whatever the case it may be, but the principle is You Drink and Drive. SMH! There are times I did go in a phase of taking a break from drinking so when I would meet my sisters and friends at the club or bar, it would drink pure Mother Nature H2O. They teased and joke about me being sober and that I should drink or down a shot of any hard liquor, but the truth is, I was happy being sober and not getting wasted. There's a prettier to life of Sober and being responsible. 
I feel that some people who drink everyday and do drugs are trying to escape things in their life and problems that may not want to face. I know because I speak on experience but not the Drug thing. No! Never have and never will. So what's your poison???
PS I am adamantly opposed to drinking while pregnant and to every pregnant female out there, please care for your child the best way and do not harm and innocent human being that you will bring to this crazy world. We are their vision.

Day 02 - Where you'd like to be in 10 years.
Like everyone else out there, to live the American Dream and to be successful and happy. I'm a family- oriented person so I highly believe in marriage and building a Home and a growing family. I'm already a certified Travel Agent and Medical Office Specialist and hoping to finish school and pursue my lifetime goal and career as a Nurse or Doctor. I would like to relocate to the eastcoast and explore my adventure and life there. I grew up in Northern California and lived in the Midwest in my mid- twenties and back in Oregon (the city of Red Roses, hometown of Portland TrailBlazers -- not a fan!) so relocating to the Eastcoast is definitely one of my goals. People always say to retire but I love to work as long I have time for my kids and family. Would love to travel the world and visit my homeland, Cambodia (I'm an American with Cambodian descent) and most of all, being Happy with Life. I'm pretty simple and laid back kinda bish... so that's a little summary of where I'd like to be in 10 years and from now, it may change lol.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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