Friday, January 28, 2011

Local Support

Hey Dolls! Please check out this video by my girl who will be opening up her Beauty Salon "SHE Extension Boutique" in a few weeks. If you want glamorous hair, come and show your support to their Grand Opening on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2011. They also carry their own line of clip-ins, lace wigs, lace fronts and hair extensions. Indian temple hair, Malaysian, and Brazilian hair textures for your needs. They specialize in nail extensions, eyelash extensions and makeup.
Sexy Hair Everyday
Extensions at SHE
3327 N.E. Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97232

FREE Sample of  CoverGirl Natureluxe Foundation at Walmart

Beauty Talk:
Last night I experiment one of Michelle Phan's DIY Beauty Recipes: Pore Strips. I have blackheads and medium pores for oily skin and the results were, there was no blackheads on the pore strips. But it did removed my facial hairs so I'm happy with that. More updates when I experiment it two or three more times for better results.
1 Tbsp unflavored gelatine and 1 Tbsp of milk
Microwavable bowl and small old makeup brush (I used my old concealer brush)

Mix the unflavored gelatin and milk together in your bowl until it’s chunky. Microwave the bowl with its content for 10 seconds. Dip your brush into the melted mixture and test the temperature on the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot. Brush the mixture all over your nose and wait for 10 – 15  minutes to dry. When it’s completely dry on your nose, peel it off slowly.

Sneak Peek of Rihanna's Video: S & M
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