Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Just Not Into YOU!

I just have to vent and get this off my chest. But before I do so, It wouldn't be a surprise if my "ex" (the one from na'walins 504) checks on this blog lol... o well, here goes nothing... whoo saaaa
Let me just say this, if he's my ex boyfriend and it's been over 2 1/2 years, why do he keeps "texting" me... you didn't see the word "calling" did you, right? RIGHT! I mean we broke up for a reason and I honestly feel the long distance relationship wasn't going to work. Yes, we started off as really good and close friends and we took it to another level and layer of skin. You see we remain as "good" friends on the famous Facebook after the breakup. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with Facebook, but my I do have Family and friends I do keep in touch and that site is more of a personal level of "me." About maybe two or three months ago. I don't recall. But I saw his status of "I'm so happy. My fiancée is pregnant and I love her very much." My first thought is: Huh? Fiancée? Where's the memo cuz I wasn't aware nor care much about it but the principal is, brah was trying to play games and obviously with him texting me (late at night and I don't respond back) and not even mentioning he was in a relationship not 'lationship and engaged... boy did he threw a curve ball at me. I'm not saying I'm jealous or insecure about that status but friends don't keep secrets unless they are a liar or lying about something small. That news ain't small ya'll== SO he's both a Liar and lying about nonsense little things gives his character as a juvenile kid.
I’m not sure if he truly do miss me, are lonely or if it’s just their libido, but right as I move on in with my life and happy again with the father of my child, it’s inevitable that our ex’s “Radar” will go off and they will try to squeeze back into our life. I've noticed that this tends to be a three month period and apparently they are in sync with each other. And not to honk my horn but BEEP BEEP, I'm the one the exes all come back to and I always in this deep zone where I have to obviously make sure they're sincere about it and doing it for all the right reasons before I jump back into it.  But in this case, we had our short long distance relationship and I'd move on and no consideration or benefit of the doubt. I can only wish him happiness and hope he finds himself soon=GROWTH, amen.

"you must regret the day that you left meee." lol  ♥

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