Monday, January 31, 2011

BLOG TIME...More About Me

 I thought this would be interesting to blog about a list of 30 Day Challenge. I also saw this blog challenge on one of my fav bloggers kimber-doll.
Day 01- Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is?
Am I single or happily taken?! All I can say is I'm happy with life and the people in my life. But if I was single... and truly happy to be so, more power to me! There’s no reason in the world I need to make a list or explain to anyone why I'm not in a relationship. 

There’s no shame in being goal-oriented and dating with purpose or being in a relationship as long I don't lose myself= Take care of myself, dressing well, looking good every time I go outside and prepare to be open-minded. Stay away from, negative energy and “Murder She Wrote” jealousy blogs and the crappy attitude folks if some of you are single and quit your whining. Just enjoy LIFE and put a smile on it. 

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