Monday, January 31, 2011

BLOG TIME...More About Me

 I thought this would be interesting to blog about a list of 30 Day Challenge. I also saw this blog challenge on one of my fav bloggers kimber-doll.
Day 01- Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is?
Am I single or happily taken?! All I can say is I'm happy with life and the people in my life. But if I was single... and truly happy to be so, more power to me! There’s no reason in the world I need to make a list or explain to anyone why I'm not in a relationship. 

There’s no shame in being goal-oriented and dating with purpose or being in a relationship as long I don't lose myself= Take care of myself, dressing well, looking good every time I go outside and prepare to be open-minded. Stay away from, negative energy and “Murder She Wrote” jealousy blogs and the crappy attitude folks if some of you are single and quit your whining. Just enjoy LIFE and put a smile on it. 

New Music Video

Jessie J Ft. B.o.B. "Price Tag"


Are You Ready For Naked?
A couple days til Rihanna's new video!

Sunday Funday

I didn't do much on Sunday, to tell you the truth I was extremely tired and didn't get out of bed til 3p.m. this pregnancy is really draining me. So we (my twin, babygirl and I) went to Chap's and did a little painting for an hour and I was actually having fun but from the mobile pics that my twin was taking, it didn't look like it all. I'm so serious sometimes lol...
and please don't mind, no foundation on and barely any makeup. I know it's an lame excuse but the truth.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Just Not Into YOU!

I just have to vent and get this off my chest. But before I do so, It wouldn't be a surprise if my "ex" (the one from na'walins 504) checks on this blog lol... o well, here goes nothing... whoo saaaa
Let me just say this, if he's my ex boyfriend and it's been over 2 1/2 years, why do he keeps "texting" me... you didn't see the word "calling" did you, right? RIGHT! I mean we broke up for a reason and I honestly feel the long distance relationship wasn't going to work. Yes, we started off as really good and close friends and we took it to another level and layer of skin. You see we remain as "good" friends on the famous Facebook after the breakup. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with Facebook, but my I do have Family and friends I do keep in touch and that site is more of a personal level of "me." About maybe two or three months ago. I don't recall. But I saw his status of "I'm so happy. My fiancée is pregnant and I love her very much." My first thought is: Huh? Fiancée? Where's the memo cuz I wasn't aware nor care much about it but the principal is, brah was trying to play games and obviously with him texting me (late at night and I don't respond back) and not even mentioning he was in a relationship not 'lationship and engaged... boy did he threw a curve ball at me. I'm not saying I'm jealous or insecure about that status but friends don't keep secrets unless they are a liar or lying about something small. That news ain't small ya'll== SO he's both a Liar and lying about nonsense little things gives his character as a juvenile kid.
I’m not sure if he truly do miss me, are lonely or if it’s just their libido, but right as I move on in with my life and happy again with the father of my child, it’s inevitable that our ex’s “Radar” will go off and they will try to squeeze back into our life. I've noticed that this tends to be a three month period and apparently they are in sync with each other. And not to honk my horn but BEEP BEEP, I'm the one the exes all come back to and I always in this deep zone where I have to obviously make sure they're sincere about it and doing it for all the right reasons before I jump back into it.  But in this case, we had our short long distance relationship and I'd move on and no consideration or benefit of the doubt. I can only wish him happiness and hope he finds himself soon=GROWTH, amen.

"you must regret the day that you left meee." lol  ♥

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Music Video and New Music

T.I. ft. Rico Love – Lay Me Down

Rick Ross – Devil In A New Dress

Jennifer Lopez - Take Care

Rihanna’s‘Rude Boy’ (“what I want want want”).catchy huh?!
but anyways (singing) I love you , I love you, I really really love you!

*INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE* A Hot Mom is someone who finds the glamour in motherhood. That no matter how chaotic her life may be, she still finds the time to take care of herself because she knows that only by striving to be her best, can she be at best for her family and love ones. A Hot Mom is someone who ACTS not merely reacts. She CREATES her life and not just watch things happen. She make things happen! 

I just entered my first entry for a Makeup Giveaway on MakeupJunkie88's blog and so many other Beauty bloggers on here. Hey what am I suppose to do on a Friday night and 7months pregnant... I'm on the net exploring :) 
lipglossloveaffair = Primary Giveaway -- Urban Decay Naked Palette and Secondary Giveaway -- Urban Decay Book of Shadows III
brittanylovex -- WoW I just entered Brittanylovex giveaway and I'm in awe at this list!!!
Bourjois Lipgloss (Red)
Colour Works Blusher
Colour Works Lipgloss (Red)
Colour Works Lipgloss (Bright Pink)
Colour Works Lipgloss (Baby Pink)
Colour Works Mascara
Colour Works Nail Polish (Red)
Colour Works Nail Polish (Pink)
Colour Works Eyeshadow (Pink) 
Colour Works Eyeshadow (Brown) 
Colour Works Eyeshadow (Grey) 
Colour Works Nail File
Avon Colour Trend Mini Blusher (Pinkie) 
Avon Colour Trend Eyeliner (Silver) 
Avon Colour Trend Eyeshadow Duo (Storm) 
Avon Colour Trend Eyeshadow Duo (Mist) 
Avon Nail Experts Strong Results
Avon Pro-To-Go Lipstick (Pink Sizzle)
Avon Pro-To-Go Lipstick (Provocative Plum)
Prestige Lipstick (Petulant Rose)
Collection 2000 Colour Intense Trio Eyeshadow (07 Zenith)
Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Due (Browns)
Mini Bourjois Eyeshadow (45)
Mini Bourjois Eyeshadow (46)
Mini Borjois Eyeshadow (62) 
Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick (Ambre Rose 112) 
Urban Decay Eyeshadow (Exhaust)
Eyeko Chi Chi Polish
Eyeko Punk Polish
Wild Child Mobile Phone Charm 

Good Luck to me and all the beauties!!!
xoxo Channa

Jessie's Final Tracklisting

Here is the final tracklisting and artwork for Jessie J's debut album 'Who You Are', out in the UK on March 28th. 

1.     Price Tag Feat. B.o.B 
2.      Nobody’s Perfect 
3.      Abracadabra
4.      Big White Room 
5.      Casualty Of Love 
6.      Rainbow
7.      Who’s Laughing Now 
8.      Do It Like A Dude 
9.      Mamma Knows Best 
10.     LOVE 
11.     Stand Up 
12.     I Need This 
13.     Who You Are

Chris Brown sets Release Date for ‘F.A.M.E’…

Keep an eye out on March 22nd for Chris Brown's new album F.A.M.E. It will be a little over two years ago, when the Grammy Awards seemed to mark the end of the career of Chris Brown.

Source: thatgrapejuice

In The Public EYE

Rihanna got some angry fans and journalists attacking her saying the word "CUNT" when she tweeted "LMAO, Katt u lil c***" the message back to rapper Katt, of her latest "RED" hairdo and compared it to Clifford The Big Red Dog. Hey media, she can't satisfy everyone, she's still human and not perfect. Yes, we understand she's a role model to many young girls out there but Rihanna is "R I H A N N A." #ontothenextone

Local Support

Hey Dolls! Please check out this video by my girl who will be opening up her Beauty Salon "SHE Extension Boutique" in a few weeks. If you want glamorous hair, come and show your support to their Grand Opening on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2011. They also carry their own line of clip-ins, lace wigs, lace fronts and hair extensions. Indian temple hair, Malaysian, and Brazilian hair textures for your needs. They specialize in nail extensions, eyelash extensions and makeup.
Sexy Hair Everyday
Extensions at SHE
3327 N.E. Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97232

FREE Sample of  CoverGirl Natureluxe Foundation at Walmart

Beauty Talk:
Last night I experiment one of Michelle Phan's DIY Beauty Recipes: Pore Strips. I have blackheads and medium pores for oily skin and the results were, there was no blackheads on the pore strips. But it did removed my facial hairs so I'm happy with that. More updates when I experiment it two or three more times for better results.
1 Tbsp unflavored gelatine and 1 Tbsp of milk
Microwavable bowl and small old makeup brush (I used my old concealer brush)

Mix the unflavored gelatin and milk together in your bowl until it’s chunky. Microwave the bowl with its content for 10 seconds. Dip your brush into the melted mixture and test the temperature on the back of your hand to make sure it’s not too hot. Brush the mixture all over your nose and wait for 10 – 15  minutes to dry. When it’s completely dry on your nose, peel it off slowly.

Sneak Peek of Rihanna's Video: S & M

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Music Video and NOTD

Nicki Minaj Feat. Drake "Moment 4 Life" hello Cinderella 

NOFT: Burberry

Speaking of nails, I'm really want the new OPI Shatter nail polish. It's the latest trends and I'm hoping to find some in our local stores.

Here is a YT Video of OPI Katy Perry Shatter Polish Demo & Review by Hollyannaeree

And here are some pictures of Shatter and Cracked nails I was able to find by Google Images:

Quote of the Day:
"Respect other people’s relationships. There’s so many other fish in the sea, so why mess with one that’s already been caught?"

Wiz Khalifa ft. Too Short "On My Level" 

Customize Your Clothes

Customize your clothes by Urban Outfitters. Just pick a v-neck or crewneck tee, then choose one of the seven colors, and get creative. You can scan in a drawing or upload a graphic from the internet, add text or add a clip art. The cost is $28 each. 

On The Run

Kim Kardashian in a black sleek tuxedo skirt... Too cute and so fashionista!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On The Run

Here is Megan Good looking cute as always... but lately I noticed her makeup and concealer is too light for her skin or either the wrong shade of concealer. Maybe it's just me...

Rihanna Reveals "S&M" Artwork

and pictures from her 

"S&M" Video

I cannot wait for her VDO!

I kissed a girl and I liked it! 

Some Afternoon Eye Candy

Chocolate candy that is m'm m'm m'm

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Christy Camp, one of LA's first estheticians offering LashDip's semi-permanent mascara.
LashDip lasts up to six weeks!!! And it only takes 30minutes for the process.

LashDip is hypoallergenic and contains not a drop of aniline, a potentially toxic ingredient in some lash dyes.
Located in the Miracle Mile area near Beverly Hills.
Call, text or e-mail for appointments.
Christy Camp 

IT Cosmetics introduces Bye Bye Under Eye a full coverage concealer
It contains Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen and clinically proven to reduce under eye puffiness and discoloration while strengthening the delicate skin of the under eye area.

I have really bad dark circles so this is something I must invest in. 
$24.00usd and available in 4 different shades: light, neutral medium, tan and deep.

Playboy to Launch Women's Fragrances

Play It Lovely, Play It Sexy and Play It Spicy


US Magazine shared an article of Kim and Kourtney 7 Make-Up Tips 
1. Play up all of your features. So instead of E.L.F. focus on eyes, cheeks and lips.
2. Make friends with foundation. I love foundation because yessss, it enhance my beauty.
3. Warm up your skin. They say when applying bronzer, to create a triangle shape by blending it around your hairline (at the temples), on your cheekbones and down to your chin but I'm not into the "Triangle shape" so I'll pass on this.
4. Enhance your bone structure. Adding pink blush to the apple of our cheeks.
5.Fake your lashes- Yes every diva should wear false lashes which it will open up your eyes bigger.
"Lashes are the new diamonds, a girls best friend"-JB★
6.They also say to soften your smoky eyes and lastly 7.Line your lips before putting on lipstick

Photo Spread and Family Secrets Revealed

I'm not a big fan of Khloe Kardashian but I do heart Kourtney and Kim. Check out this photo spread on YRB Magazine that she did last week. Some of the images remind me of Rihanna lol but according to her interview with Perez Hilton, "I've always wanted to do an edgier photo shoot, but so often people think I'm not capable of pulling it off." 
What do you think? Hot Or Not

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian on The WendyWilliams Show

Oprah's Family Secret
Meet Patricia, Oprah's half sister.

New Music

You Aint Got It (Official Video) from Nina Sky on Vimeo.

You Aint Got It (Official Video) from Nina Sky on Vimeo.

My twin and I we absolutely adore NinaSky! Hopefully I will invest in a good camera with great quality I will post up some pics soon on my blog so stay tuned My Loves! 


When I saw this image, my first thought is "That look like Kimora Lee Simmons" but nope it's Storm (watches)

Pretty Girl Rock: Keri Hilson

I absoutely love Keri Hilson! I love her  S W A G!
Watch below a video of MissKeriBaby performing live on Ellen.

But I'm not feeling the knee-length pants?! But love the chain and how she is showing off her midriff with that white button down shirt.

Morning Eye Candy

Cambodian and Lebanese male model Adam Noah
His mixed race is quite odd but He sure is a Cutie Pie.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Server Down or Being Investigated by Homeland Security

Well according to 50cent...

Did anyone listen to Angie Martinez live on HOT97 with the 50cent and the owner of WSHH?

Make-Up That Will Make You S M I L E

 Physicians Formula Happy Booster Makeup


Sunday, January 23, 2011


A Hit!!!
Jessica Alba

Kourntey Kardashian

Brighten Your Eyes:
Use cold chamomile tea bags on dark puffy eyes to brighten your eyes

and for puffiness, use cold cucumber slices

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lemon Olive Oil Mask
Olive oil moisturizes skin and lemon lightens and brightens. Olive oil is full of Vitamins C, D and E, antioxidants and iron, all of which help our skin regenerate and retain moisture. 
When olive oil is combined with lemon juice, wrinkles and impurities such as blackheads diminish! S W E E T!!! (Tip) Add in oatmeal and it will help treat blotchy skin. And go the extra step by adding egg whites to this mask + you'll get a tightening effect. They say olive oil is best suited for dry skin, but this lemon olive oil face mask is ALSO great for normal, combination, oily (raises right-hand HI :) and acne-prone skin due to the combination of ingredients. 
1 teaspoon olive oil 
A few drops fresh lemon juice 
1/2 cup cooked instant oatmeal (cooled) 
1 egg white 

Mix olive oil, lemon juice, oatmeal and egg white until smooth. Spread on your face and neck. Leave on for 15 to 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with your favorite facial moisturizer.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius released tracks for upcoming Solo Album 
Late Nights & Early Mornings:

1. Anticipation (Intro)
2. With You
3. Late Nights & Early Mornings
4. Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)
5. Far Away
6. Lose Myself
7. Your Hands
8. I Want You To Stay
9. Sour Times
10. Tears
11. Chasing Clouds
12. The Break Up Song

Keyshia Cole on Conan O'Brian 1.19.2011

I heart Jessie J! She is so talented and I love her voice

 What is most important to you when looking for someone to date?
Personality, I need someone I can talk to
Looks, physical attraction is a must
Money, I don't want to have to support someone

Flashback Video: Keyshia Cole "LOVE"

Kim Kardashian reveled no album in the works

via billboard.
I'm glad :) because I honestly didn't think she was that singer material type. I love the way she is now.

OMG, what is that 'red mop thing' on Rihanna's head?!

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